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“I enjoy my business using my professional skills to the highest standard in a role that is also personally rewarding” Michael Hewlett, Principal of Hewlett Homes.

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Michael has built and renovated homes in Melbourne, London and in the US which gives him extensive experience in varied building techniques and materials.

Although Michael’s experience is international, importantly his qualifications have been undertaken in Perth and he knows Perth’s building regulations and standards intimately. Michael holds current membership registration in all relevant building industry associations.

In Western Australia, Michael has worked for some of Perth’s elite builders, namely Oswald Homes, Residential Attitudes and Hampton York Homes.

Renovating, extending and building homes is all about improving people’s home life.

“I like to make people’s lives better and enable others to do the things they love”. For some that means a new kitchen, new family room or second storey while for others it means an entirely new home built with greater accessibility and long life energy savings.

Customers know that great service is all about good communication, but do most home builders? Fortunately, good communication and approachability are qualities that Michael is well known for. Reliable and dependable, Michael helps smooth the process the whole way through.

A little known fact about Michael is his sporting prowess. Michael was the recipient of an Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship. The Australian Institute of Sport develops elite Australian sports people for national and international competition. This is where Michael developed his skills in team work and prepared for participation in the Australian Hockey Team. “I think that’s where I learned about discipline, leadership and team work, qualities that are now intrinsic to who I am and how I operate in my business”.

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